Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting Started...

I've decided to take up blogging (again). My first attempt was less than successful, lasting only a couple of months - a typical New Year's resolution. I have so many thoughts and ideas running around in my brain, though, that I feel the need to capture them somewhere. Given the amount of time I spend in front of a computer each day, a blog does seem to be the most logical answer.

I am actively working on a couple of projects at present, "actively" being the key word. I have literally hundreds of projects in the works, both quilts and rugs. I spent my sewing room time yesterday working on my Moda U mystery quilt. It's not really a mystery anymore... the solution was revealed at the December meeting. As usual, I'm behind, having only sewn about half of the individual units into blocks that will eventually be assembled into the quilt. A couple of over-achievers from the group already had their tops finished at the January meeting. No one will ever accuse me of being an over-achiever, at least not from that perspective!

My most challenging "active" project is the rug that I am currently working on. I started this particular project at rug camp last February. My teacher at the camp took the color plan a completely different direction from what I had requested. I decided to try to go along with the plan thinking it would be good for me to work outside my comfort zone. Wrong! Lots of pink. I mean PINK. I am not a pink person. I don't really have anything against pink, but there was a lot of it in this rug. Happy, cheery bubble-gum pink. Teal, too. I love teal, but a teal and pink color scheme isn't exactly the blue and gray I had originally proposed.

After struggling with the rug for many, many months I've finally decided to change the color scheme. It was a tough decision as it required a considerable amount of "reverse hooking". I'm still struggling with the colors, though. I've got an idea for another change that just might do the trick. Of course, it means rehooking the tulips a third time, but if I can get past this sticking point I may actually be able to get this thing finished prior to the next camp. Hopefully I will get some time to try my idea after the Girl Scout meeting tonight.