Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Progress Report

This post might be better titled “Lack of Progress Report”...  I’ve spent nearly all of my spare time at home working on my sewing room move.  I’m amazed at how efficiently I had stuff packed into my old room - there seems to be no end to it!  I don’t function well when things aren’t organized so it’s been tough to get any sewing done at all.  I did manage to get a few more of my Good Fortune blocks pieced:

And I couldn't resist getting a start on the first block in the Crazy Seasons Mystery.  I am using Japanese fabrics and am planning to keep the applique somewhat muted. I may have gone a little too muted with the little bunny in the center.

I also spent some time starting a new rug for the new year. Yet another floral with a number in the name (Fraktur Floral 2). I am using taupes for my background - you can see some of it around the center flower - and have had to make a few adjustments along the way to make sure my design shows up. I'm not really a pink person but I am loving these colors!

I did achieve my goal of getting the alphabet hooked on my Schoolhouse Sampler before starting the new rug. My next step on this one will be to get the background in around the tree on the right and figure out what if any adjustments are needed to make it show up against the background.

So overall the month wasn't a complete fail.  I am looking forward to a weekend at home to continue organizing the sewing room. I don't have any hope of finishing (will that day ever come???) but am really hoping I can get to a point where the chaos isn't so distracting!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One Monthly Goal - January 2019

I am trying very hard to avoid being sucked in to all the various sew-alongs, mysteries and other wonderful initiatives I keep seeing online - that all-too-familiar syndrome Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts describes as a "New Year Flare up of Startitis".  I decided to do away with the list of 12 UFOs this year and focus instead on just sticking with One Monthly Goal. It's so much easier to make these decisions one month at a time!  I'm not promising that I won't fall victim to a sew-along or two (I've already caved on the Moda String-Along), but at least I won't disappoint myself by not working on the "assigned" UFO!

My OMG project for January is Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune mystery quilt. As I looked through my past UFO lists updating my blog it was interesting to find that I have consistently finished the mystery quilts within a fairly reasonable timeframe. Good Fortune is my 7th Quiltville Mystery.  I am not 100% caught up but fairly close - a little over half way finished with the step released at midnight New Year's Eve.

I am also working on my Schoolhouse Sampler rug, hoping to have at least the sampler portion completed by the time I head to a rug hooking retreat mid-month.

I'm dividing my free time between projects and a massive sewing-room clean-out/move. I started moving everything from my current sewing room to my basement over the holidays and must say that I'm a bit overwhelmed...the amount of stuff I have borders on ridiculous...but I am determined to get it all organized!

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal link-up for January.