Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Still Here....

I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting!  My job changed at the beginning of the year and new responsibilities leave no time for posting during the day and  cut into my free time at night, so the blog has fallen to the bottom of the “to do” list.  I have been getting a little sewing and rug hooking done in the time I have, nothing totally complete but several things close to the finish line.  I’m hoping to start pushing a few across that line soon.

When I last posted I was working on assembling my 2018 mystery quilt.  That top is now assembled and waiting to go on the long arm (you can see it actually laying on the machine below - too bad it won't auto-load!).  After that I got back to work on my scrappy log cabin.  Here are all the blocks ready for assembly:

The top is completely together now and is awaiting the back to be pieced and then it will be ready to quilt. Shortly after getting that top together the summer blocks of the week hit the mailbox.  I’m collecting the pieced one and two color ways of the wool appliqué project (I was indecisive).  I invested in a laundry rack to have more space for starching.  Here’s week three drying.

My goal is to keep up with the prep (prepping and steaming the wool blocks, starching the fabric strips for the pieced version) throughout the summer.  So far so good - and I’ve even started stitching on a few of the wool blocks (mainly the freebies).  I also finished week one of the piecing.  These blocks are so cute!  They are 3” unfinished.

And those freebies...they are so stinking cute!

I’m looking forward to the extra day off this week to get a little sewing done.  Maybe I will even get a quilt loaded!