Monday, April 27, 2009

So Much Inspiration!

I'm trying to settle back into work after a week plus of inspiration overload... I attended the IQA show in Chicago a week ago Saturday and then headed to Paducah on Tuesday. Both shows seemed more crowded than usual, particularly Paducah. It was so busy on Wednesday that you could hardly move in the main exhibit hall. The quilts were absolutely gorgeous this year. Applique is definitely "in", and pieced backgrounds are becoming increasingly popular. I really love the look of a pieced background. One that I particularly loved was something similar to a sawtooth star - the center was a solid square...I'm not sure what the real name of the block is - in neutrals.

I purchased tons of fabric and quite a few beautiful patterns in Paducah. I was sucked in by Primitive Pastimes in Chicago (again!) and ended up buying three more wool applique kits. I still haven't touched the two from last year! I'm particularly anxious to get started on the cutwork pattern I purchased from Dinah Jeffries.

I finished my inspirational week by attending wool club at Nola's yesterday. This month's wool was a beautiful blue/jewel-colored spot dye. We chose colors for my upcoming scroll class and discussed possibilities for Anita's class in June. I'm leaning toward choosing a crewel pattern for that one. My colors will likely be very similar to the ones I chose for the scrolls. Of course, I can't think about the fact that I am starting TWO new rugs in the next month and a half.

My goals for this week are to deliver my Faceted Jewels quilt to Jackie and finish the prodded flower basket. Oh, and I plan to send in my "Cash Dash" form to the state. Wouldn't it be nice to find out they owe me enought to purchase a longarm?!