Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweltering at the Lake

I had big plans for a relaxing day sewing and/or hooking at the lake today.  I originally blocked the day as vacation so that I could take a workshop with my quilt guild but decided I would rather use the day to take care of a couple of things on the "to do" list and then just kick back and relax.  The day got off to a good start - I drove to Rolla in the morning and picked up the keys and completed the check-in inspection for my daughter's apartment and was back on the road on my way to the lake by 10 am. I got to Osage Beach just in time for lunch at one of my most favorite restaurants, On the Rise, and thoroughly enjoyed one of my very favorite meals...their Monte Christo. I then headed to the house to play - or so I thought - only to find that the air conditioner (which is only 4 years old) would not turn on.  And yes, it would just happen to be the hottest day of the year so far.  It was 95 F in the house most of the day.  And of course any service people available until Friday.  By the time I finally had a service appointment scheduled I was too hot and irritated to do much of anything.  So much for kicking back to relax!  It's still over 90 F in here at 8:30 pm.  I'm just hoping it cools off enough for me to get a decent night's sleep.

I did muster the energy to finish block one of the 2013 summer BOW.  It's called "Words to Live By" and is supposed to have a word inked on it but I haven't worked up the nerve to do that yet.  I'm not at all big on writing on fabric.  It never works out for me.

Pardon the way I was heating up an iron in this sauna!  Block two probably arrived in the mailbox today.  I will have to get it prepped when I get home Friday - I'm going to do my best to keep up this summer!

And now for a couple of pictures of quilts from the show.  I completed the "carnival" quilt (pattern by Gudrun Erla) at one of our sleep in your own bed retreats. Shelly McClymont did a wonderful job quilting it.

And this is the quilt that I was lucky enough to win from my TAS group.  The quilt is called "An Applique Welcome" and is composed of blocks made by 17 members of our local TAS chapter. Jane Hair outdid herself with the quilting - it is gorgeous.  I was the luck winner of this beauty!  We had agreed when we came up with the idea to make the quilt that the winner would exhibit it in the quilt show. Not only did we win first place in our category, we were told by an NQA judge that visited the show that she would have chosen it as best of show!  I am so thrilled to be the lucky owner of this work of art that represents so many of my wonderful friends!

My Lisa's Garden quilt didn't end up hanging quite as smoothly as I would like - I should have taken more time to block it before finishing, but I was rushing.  I am going to try to correct the problem and will hopefully have a nice flat picture of the quilt to share soon.