Sunday, March 17, 2019

Williamsburg, Wool Club, and FNSI

I am slow to get my post completed for FNSI, but for good reason - I was actually sewing!  Well, sewing, preparing for and attending a TAS meeting and Wool Club but I did spend the vast majority of the weekend on fun stuff.  There’s still a lot more cleaning out and moving around to do to finish the sewing room, but I decided I would rather play this weekend.

I attended the Williamsburg Applique Academy the week before last and did a workshop with Missie Carpenter.  I really enjoyed it!  We were working on her Gardens of a King pattern, which involves some very complicated piecing.  We learned her technique for starch-prepped EPP.  I can’t say that I was completely in love with this technique for those particular blocks - my method of choice would be traditional had piecing.

While I was not thrilled with using the starch prep EPP method for piecing the tiny points, I am completely in love with it for prepping hexies. Missie shared some of her prepared hexies with us and they stitched together so easily - it was SO much better than with the papers inside, and there’s no paper to remove at the end.  I practiced preparing some so I could demo the technique at TAS.

They were so much fun that I almost want to start a new hexie project (or perhaps I should get back the the PG summer BOW from a couple of years ago).

I worked on binding Floral No. 5 at Wool Club.  I’m only about half way around so no picture this time. My reason for mentioning it us actually because I’m all excited about starting a new rug next month.  Our topic next month is “hit or miss” and after recently organizing all of my leftover worms I have been wanting to do a hit or miss rug.  I remembered one I loved at Warsaw a couple of years ago - I’m thinking of drawing up a similar pattern.

I mainly forced myself to get back to my mystery quilt this weekend.  I made good progress, finishing the alternate blocks and starting to piece the rows.  There’s still a long way to go, but I am motivated to keep pushing now.  I really like how it is coming together.

I will be finishing up the weekend working on my Schoolhouse Sampler rug.  I’m almost down to the grass now so the end is in sight.  I need to have it ready to start binding when I’m finished with the other one - and I can’t wait to get back to the rug I started in Eureka Springs!

Linking up with Sugarlane Designs for FNSI this weekend...