Friday, April 18, 2008

Almost time for Paducah!

I have to get better at posting - it's been a long time! I've temporarily suspended work on the "pink" rug to focus on the new rug I started at camp this year. The new rug, one I adapted from a Lori Smith quilt pattern, is coming along nicely. I hope to finish it in time to enter in Celebrations this year, or perhaps Sauder Village. I'm making a lot of progress but it is a fairly big rug - about 30" x 46" or so.

I managed to make it to Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago last weekend. It was wonderful! I only had a day to take it all in, but I managed to acquire numerous projects (including three complete kits) to add to my stash. One vendor, Primitive Pastimes, had so many incredible wool applique patterns and kits that I had a hard time controlling myself! Lucky for me (or perhaps not so lucky) they are going to be at Paducah for the first time this year.

Speaking of Paducah, only 3 more days to wait! I can't wait! I need to get my act together this weekend and finish purchasing and packing supplies for my classes. I'm taking two from Jan Krentz and one from Gail Garber. I am really looking forward to them.

Speaking of classes, Dierdra "DiDi" McElroy visited our guild for a lecture and workshop last week. Her lecture was one of the best I have ever heard! I have received similar feedback from numerous guild members. People are still talking about it a week later. The workshop was fantastic, too.

Off to work on the new rug and watch my first place Redbirds!