Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye, 2018!

I have done a terrible job of posting progress this mystery season!  Thankfully I have been better at keeping up with the sewing - I am finished with all but one of the steps.

I have no idea how all of these pieces are going together but I am liking my colors a lot.  I opted to strip piece rather than string for those steps.

I am running dangerously low on my neutrals - hopefully we won’t need them in any further steps.  

And while I elected not to sting piece for the mystery quilt, I quite possibly have been sucked into the Moda String-a-Long vortex.  I stumbled across the blog post about the String-a-Long that included links to strip quilt inspiration on Pinterest.  It was there I saw this quilt:

I couldn’t resist giving it a try.  I found an ancient (2003) phone book and cut a page into a foundation for an 8” finished block.  I folded the square in half to try out the split light/dark block.  I struggled a bit with getting the split down the middle - I’m thinking that it would be better to sew those two strips together and align and pin the foundation paper to that to start.  I also found that I really struggled to sew a straight line when adding strips - I definitely need to do a better job of that!  This block will likely end up in the trash, but I do think I’m going to have to add this project to my “to do” list!

I am joining in on the Monday Mystery Link-up on Bonnie’s blog this week and will be spending New Year’s Eve finishing up the half square triangle step so I am ready for whatever comes next!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Good Fortune Week #2

A bit of a slow start for week #2...  I had a couple of other commitments this weekend so I didn't get as far as I would have liked on this step.  I did manage to complete the first step - I was so close that I figured it made sense to do so before moving on - and then got a start on the HSTs. I am using dark blue for Bonnie's blue so this step looks pretty much the same as her colors.  

Sadly I didn't get much else completed this week.  I still need to steam Floral #5 so I can get started on the binding. And while I have nearly finished my wooly tree (that thing took the better part of a day to do!) I still need to get all the branches attached to the trunk before I can share that one.  My "to do" list this week is getting longer by the minute!

Linking up with Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-up to share my somewhat limited progress. I am amazed by the number of posts already - and how creative some of the folks are at arranging their pieces for their photos!