Sunday, November 10, 2013

November Fun

I am looking forward to taking a few days off to have some fun this month.  This week's fun begins with Suzanne Louth speaking at our quilt guild Tuesday evening and leading a broderie perse workshop on Wednesday.  I am looking forward to learning her techniques to help me along with my Rising Sun project.  I have never used the technique in a project before.

Speaking of Rising Sun, I finally landed on a color plan that I am happy with.  It includes a little more red and a few less fabrics than originally planned, but it lightens up the rows next to the points (not as light as the original, but as light as I want to go).  I started drawing my stitching lines on the diamonds today - which is much more difficult than drawing first and cutting after, I must say - and hope to start stitching in the next week or so.

Friday through Sunday I will be taking a workshop with Anita White.  I am starting a new rug and am very excited about hooking something other than triangles!  I am doing a pattern by Susan Quicksall called "Vines & Flowers".  Here is the version she has posted on her website:

I plan to use a soft teal for my background.  I think it will make the choices for leaves and flowers very interesting.  I am really looking forward to it!

Next week's fun includes Wool Applique at Nola's - the project is so cute this month that I couldn't resist getting a kit - and a couple of "sew-in" days with my TAS group.  I am really looking forward to a few short work weeks and lots of sewing and hooking!