Monday, March 19, 2012

Bits 'n' Pieces Quilt Show

I had the opportunity to visit the Bits 'n' Pieces Fanfare of Quilts this past weekend.  It was a very nice show.  They said the show featured more than 500 quilts, although it didn't really look any bigger than ours. They did have a large number of very small quilts and hung them in large groupings - far more efficient than pinning them on curtains.  I think we need to consider doing something like this for our show (although I'm sure no one will be too happy about needing to make sleeves for their wall hangings!).

I fell in love with this version of Dinah Jeffries' pattern - it made me want to dig out my blocks and get back to work on them.

I love the oval setting!  The pattern has cutwork blocks in between all of the flower blocks (which are cut square).  It is a bit daunting.  I think the ovals highlight the applique beautifully.

I also really liked this setting for The Raspberry Patch  BOM from a few years ago:

It's really amazing what a slight change in setting fabric can do!  The kits included a yellow fabric with black polka dots where the orange-red is used in this one. This is another project on my list for "one of these days".  I have all the BOM kits stashed away somewhere in the sewing room.

There were two versions of Sue Garmin's "Ladies of the Sea" in the show, both made by the same quilter.  Can you believe it?  I can't imagine completing one, much less two!

Amazing!  I was also excited to see a couple of quilts done from Kim McClean's patterns as well as a gorgeous William Morris-inspired applique quilt. 

I will have to follow the guild's website to see who won the Viewer's Choice - there were a lot of great quilts to choose from!

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