Monday, July 9, 2012

Sore Fingers!

Not that I got all that much accomplished over the weekend, but what sewing I was able to do certainly was hard on my fingers!  Both middle fingers are sore - the right one because I worked without a thimble pad for too long and the head of my chenille needle penetrated my skin, and the left one because I hit it too many times with the same nasty needle.  I intended to work primarily on my baskets and did manage to get one finished:

I also started prep work for three more - I have plenty of stuff to work on during Karen Kay Buckley's workshop on Wednesday. 

My thread came in the mail along with last week's BOW, so I couldn't resist doing a couple more of the summer freebie blocks:

I love these blocks!  Especially the little sheep.  I'm really enjoying the embroidery, too.

I made a lot of progress on the Sauder Village rug over the past week but failed to take a picture for today's post.  I have the church, one house, and a little background left to do.  My goal is to have it hooked, steamed and ready to bind in time for Wool Club next Saturday.  I love deadlines!

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