Monday, March 11, 2013

Where Does the Time Go?!?

I can't believe it's almost half way through March already!  This year is flying by and I certainly don't seem to be getting much accomplished! I am only able to report some success in chipping away at my February goals because I waited so long to post!  So first the good news:

February goal #3 - I finished my January Sue Spargo blocks a couple of nights ago.

I didn't add all of the suggested embellishment stitches to the tail of the bird in the middle - I liked him better without. I find that I am not a fan of doing bouillon stitches...I like how they look, but they are certainly hard on the fingers!

February goal #6 was to prep the next two Prairie Peony blocks. While I didn't completely finish prepping these, I did get the piecing done (the part I like the least!).

As far as goal #7 is concerned - finishing my hand-piecing homework - I really fell short on that one.  I finished one of the two 12" blocks late last week.  I haven't even started the second one.

I did manage to make a lot of progress on the Easy Street mystery quilt at a guild retreat a couple of weeks ago.  This is my stack of finished blocks:

I have two more blocks to finish and then can begin assembling the quilt.  I would like to finish the top in time to have it quilted for the show.  That would be three quilts that need to be quilted for the show.  Hmm... that's a LOT of binding!

So now for my list of goals for March:

1. Find a quilter for Lisa's Garden 
2. Finish Easy Street top
3. Finish February Sue Spargo blocks
4. Catch up on Wool Club hooking (Jan-Mar)
5. Finish March hand-piecing homework

I'm keeping it a little shorter and more realistic given the month is half way over and I am heading off to a rug retreat in the Kansas City area in a little over a week.  I still have to decide if I am starting a new project there or working on an old one. I have an awesome sampler rug I would love to color-plan, but really should go back to my Kaleidoscope and finish figuring out the colors on that one. Decisions, decisions!

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