Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 5

I had to laugh a little when I saw the instructions for Step 5 indicating we needed to use the  "leftover" pieces from Step 3.  I suppose that might work of I had actually completed Step 3!  Nonetheless, I managed to finish 48 of these over the weekend.

I keep thinking about Edyta Sitar's advice to always do all of one step in a project before moving to the next - she believes the repetition creates muscle memory and helps to minimize mistakes while improving accuracy. I almost feel guilty jumping around from step to step but it certainly keeps me interested!  I made a little progress on pinwheels and four patches and sewed quite a few more HSTs.  I am starting to worry about running out of mauve/pink so I figured I had better start working in some of the brighter, pinker fabrics. There is definitely a lot of pink in this quilt!

So here is where I stand as of this evening:

Step 1 - complete
Step 2 - 13 of 244 completed
Step 3 - 22 of 61 pinwheels completed
Step 4 - 158 of 400 completed
Step 5 - 48 of 244 completed 

I have such a long way to go!  I haven't been trying to solve the mystery and haven't paid close attention to those who have, but I have to believe we are getting close to beginning the assembly.  This thing has a lot of pieces!

Check out Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-Up to see how others are progressing on their projects. I am really loving all the color variations!


TLC said...

You'll get there! I admire those who are doing the BIG quilt. That's a whole lot of units!

Cherry said...

Love your color choices! I am doing all batiks too, but only in the small size quilt.

Andee said...

You can do it! One seam at a time, it is going to be a beauty!

Elizabeth said...

Interesting color choices. I look forward to seeing a few of your blocks laid out as Bonnie reveals and you make progress.