Monday, September 19, 2016


FNSI ended up not happening for me this month for various reasons - getting home from NY a little later than planned, one of the fur babies not feeling well, and my daughter deciding last-minute to come home for a visit with her new puppy in tow. So the only sewing that happened Friday was four orange peels on the flight home.  I've been trying to get back to the orange peels after a couple of months of neglect.  I've done quite a few so I will be able to take credit for at least a little progress at the end of the month!

I finally made the trek to Eataly while in NY last week.  It was crazy busy but well worth the trip!  I went to the original store by the Flatiron Building.  The Empire State Building was feeling Italian that evening too.

They have a whole section of the store devoted to Nutella!

The fresh pasta looked incredible but the wait at that restaurant was over an hour.

I decided to eat in the center area between the meat, cheese and wine counters. It was crazy busy but I was able to get a seat after a short wait.

Almost everything on the menu looked incredible (except the wine)!

I decided on the meat and cheese selection.

It was so yummy! I'm not even sure what the toppings were on the plate but I thoroughly enjoyed them! 

I had planned to stop in this section before heading out but I was too full.  I will definitely have to go back.

Most of my sewing room time this weekend was spent preparing for Baltimore on the Prairie.  We head out to Nebraska first thing Tuesday morning.  I did manage to get a second block four and one block five of Magic of Christmas finished this afternoon.  Here's the new one:

I will be back next week with a BOTP update.  Lots of fun classes and things coming up over the next few months - I can't wait for the fun to begin!

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Susie Hoover said...

It may have been a FRIDAY night sew-in fail but you still managed to accomplish 2 blocks PLUS orange peels in your spare time. Some weeks we have to be satisfied with little steps. Have a great time at BOTP! Looking forward to pictures!

And thank you for another inspiring applique meeting!!