Friday, January 11, 2013

Limping Along Easy Street

Where does the time go?  I meant to post my weekend progress on Easy Street last Monday but didn't get around to it until today.  I spent a few hours in the sewing room and made quite a bit of progress on Step 7.  I have to admit that I really, really stink at repetitive work.  I have the attention span of a gnat.  I managed to get 11 of the 16 triangles constructed before I hit a wall and just couldn't stand any more. Here's what I have so far:

I hope to finish the rest of the triangles (unfortunately all the ones that are left are the large ones!) and start building the blocks this weekend.  It's certainly going to be a bright quilt!

While off over the holidays I decided that I would go back to setting sewing and hooking goals this year to try to stay focused (reference my previous comment about my attention span).  I didn't stick with it so well last time, but I am truly a list-driven person and figured I should give it another shot.  I find it immensely satisfying to cross things off of a list so it is extremely motivational for me. So here goes - keeping it short since I am getting a late start:

  1. Complete January hand-piecing homework
  2. Make arrangements to have Lisa's Garden quilted
  3. Plan monthly work on 2013 Wool Club rug and complete January portion
  4. Finish two Prairie Peony blocks
  5. Finish Easy Street Step 7 and complete at least a few blocks (Step 8)
I really should have a goal around working on my Ace rug, but it is so tedious and time-consuming that I don't want to promise anything.

I'm off to Wool Club tomorrow to start yet another project (it's a sickness...really!).  I will post pics next week.

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