Monday, August 17, 2015

Very Little Progress...and a State Fair Rant

Okay, so let's start with the rant. I won't devote my entire post to complaining, but I just have to point out what to me is quickly becoming an injustice in the quilting world. I have nothing against digitized embroidery and applique - in fact, I own a machine and a couple of patterns and have done a little of it myself. I do believe that the end result can be fantastic and that there are lots of people out there making gorgeous quilts using the technique. The issue I have is when it seems that the workmanship involved in completing a machine embroidered applique project seems to be judged as equal to that of a needle-turned hand applique project. As someone who has done both, I know the difference - and pretty much no matter how complicated the embroider/applique project is, an intermediate to advanced hand applique project is much more difficult and requires significantly more skill. The two should not be judged side by side as applique.

When looking at the ribbon winners at the Illinois State Fair this weekend it became clear that the judges were big fans of machine embroidered applique. Those quilts seemed to take all the first place ribbons and the grand champion.  I recognize that there are several different categories and that I didn't spend the time to figure out which ones were in competition with each other, but this gorgeous hand appliqued quilt received second place.  The workmanship looked excellent (apologies for the glare - they are displayed in a glass case) and was clearly a lot more work and required more talent than some of the quilts sporting the nice blue ribbons. I didn't catch the quilter's name, but in my humble opinion she deserved first place and the grand champion ribbon!

So enough with the fair...or should I post at least one picture of the butter cow?

It was so ridiculously hot on Saturday that I had a tough time resisting the urge to join the butter cow in her display case. But instead I controlled myself and stayed just long enough to take a few pictures and then headed back to the somewhat air conditioned Hobby Building.  

I really haven't gotten much accomplished since my last post. I did make a little bit of progress on my new UFO from the MSQC retreat (the Quatrefoil quilt).  I finished all of the four patches yesterday.

Here are the blocks I completed at the retreat. I'm not entirely sure that the fabric line I selected - this was a mystery quilt involving a layer cake so I was choosing blindly- is going to work out, but I am forging ahead anyway. The color in the picture is terrible - the one above is closer to reality.

I have also done a little hooking on the pineapple rug. I need to cut more background wool to finish off that left side before moving on any farther on the right. I hate leaving all the background until the end!

I have big plans for getting lots of things accomplished next weekend. I don't have anything planned for the first weekend in a long time.  I am looking forward to it!


Susie H said...

Wow! I love, love, love that pineapple rug!!!!

marie said...

I agree with your rant-----you don't want to hear about mine with our local county fair. I happen to be the only person entering hook rugs, I do primitive hooking, it's not suppose to perfect--I object to getting judge by someone who doesn't hook.

Heather said...

Do NOT get me started! I just about smacked our NQA judge when she told me they were the same! How? Anyway, at least you were there to acknowledge the quilter's work. Thank you for the butter cow.

Gayle said...

Your rug is looking really, really nice! I agree with you - I'd much rather hook a bit of background here and there, than save it all till the end. Smart lady!