Thursday, December 28, 2017

Playing Catch-up (On Ringo Lake Part 5)

With Christmas behind me and a few days of vacation left I have finally made it into the sewing room to try to catch up on my On Ringo Lake project.  I finished the most recent step this morning.

There are a lot of geese on this lake!  I still need to go back and finish the geese from week #2.  So many triangles to cut!  

Once that step was completed I went back to get started on week #4 which unfortunately had been untouched before today due to a bout with a virus that pretty much kept me in bed the entire weekend after that clue was released. Once I recovered I had to kick things into high gear to prepare for Christmas.  One of these days I am going to actually start shopping early! Although there are a lot more triangles in this step it is somehow more entertaining than geese....

I am loving how the colors look together. I can’t wait to see how the blocks come together- I think I’m going to love this quilt!

As the year comes to a close it is time to start thinking about UFOs for 2018,  On Ringo Lake will certainly be on the list.  Triangle Gatherings will be there too.  I’m currently up to block 87 so I have 9 more blocks to make and then need to figure out how I am setting them. It will be nice to get this big stack of blocks off my sewing table!

The third project I’m putting on the list is Starlite Skies.  I really need to get some of the past SBOWs completed as they are really starting to stack up!  I’ve made decent progress on this one this year and think it’s reasonable to think I can get it across the finish line.

Project four will be my clamshells started in the workshop with Irene Blanck last May.  I haven’t gotten very far and can’t realistically expect to complete this one but would like to make significant progress on it.

I’m thinking project 5 will be Duarmont from Primitive Gatherings.  I bought the kit at Paducah last April and prepped one block shortly after returning home but have never stitched it nor prepped any other blocks (there are nine).  I really don’t think these will take all that long to stitch.

I haven’t decided on the rest of the list just yet... I need to give it a little more thought.  There are so, so many to choose from!

I’m hoping tomorrow’s On Ringo Lake step doesn’t involve triangles but realize it’s pretty unlikely I will get my wish.  I have been enjoying catching up with everyone’s posts on Bonnie’s Link-up the past few days.  We are getting so close to the big reveal - I can hardly wait!  


Kate said...

I like your colors for on Ringo Lake. You've got some fun UFOs to finish for next year. Good luck rounding out your plans.

Susie Hoover said...

Glad you're on the road to recovery. You're not kidding about geese being plentiful on this lake! I've been trying to narrow down my UFO list and keep changing my mind on what I think is doable this year. 2017 was definitely not as successful as 2016. Here's to our 2018 UFO lists!

Daffycat said...

Your Ringo Lake units look great! We are getting closer to the end! Oh my, I sure like all your WIPs, especially the Triangle Gatherings and the clamshell ones.