Monday, May 21, 2012

Retreating at the Lake

I had a chance to get away to the lake house for a couple of days and focus on sewing and hooking (and working a bit, but that part isn't fun to talk about!).  I've been spending most of the time doing applique and managed to finish my third rose block. That makes five blocks out of twenty - and three out of four roses finished.

I also finished two more of the applique blocks for my house quilt.  Four more and I will be able to piece the top and add the rest of the applique.

I have made progress on my Sauder Village rug over the past week or so, too.

I plan to finish the chair tonight and start on the lettering.  I'm heading home tomorrow so I want to make the best of every uninterrupted minute I have left!  Too bad I don't have any of these to munch on while I hook:

Amaretto macaroons from Missouri Baking Company on The Hill.  Delicious!  It's a shame they are back home in the freezer!

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Kirsty said...

I have this block! Oh my goodness. Oh no...I really do have this block...somewhere. I started it as a BOM when I first got into quilting (um...that would be last century) and then got too busy to finish. It is in my stash somewhere. You have inspired me! I shall find it and resurrect it and pop it on my blog. Thank you!