Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Friendship Quotes

I did a little web surfing this morning and found a couple of quotes that just might work for my block:
  • A friend is someone who reaches out her hand and touches your heart.
  • Friends are the sisters that God (or destiny) forgot to give you.
  • Some people make the world special just by being in it.

One of the best that I found, although completely inappropriate, has been bringing a smile to my face all day:

  • A friend would lend you her umbrella. A best friend would take yours and yell "Run, bitch, run!"

I'm a huge fan of Pat Sloan and follow her blog daily. At the beginning of the year, Pat encouraged her followers to choose a word for the year. Her word was "possibilities". I've been pondering the idea for weeks, and haven't been able to come up with a word that represents what I want to accomplish this year. Then it hit me - "accomplish" is it! I need to focus on actually accomplishing rather than just planning, buying, and starting. So, for the month of February, my "accomplish" goals are to:

  • Finish the angel quilt block
  • Complete My Garden Album block seven
  • Complete an Applique Affair block
  • Assemble fabrics for Runaway Mystery quilt
  • Hook flowers with February Wool Club colors
  • Finish paint chip project
  • Begin piecing Kansas Memories blocks

I'll report progress and set new goals at the end of the month.

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